About Us



My name is Jarrod Stewart, and I started to learn SEO by helping my brother rank his website.  I was fascinated on how come other people kept ranking above my brother, so I started researching and taking courses.


My name is Jarrod Stewart, and I will fight daily for your search engine rankings. Your business can count on me to deliver more traffic and more sales each month.

Seo Education: 

I studied business administration at Oklahoma State and graduated with a Bachelors degree from Texas State in Public Administration with a business minor. Im not one of the fake SEO’s who is out to take your money, I back what I say up, and deliver results.

Successfully completed Peter Kents online training course and recieved my certificate upon completion, he is a well known author and has been around SEO for 20+ years.  I also have taken Christine Maisel’s Local Ranking Course and recieved my certificate upon completion. I am also taking an Adwords course by Issacc Rudansky who has been doing multimillion dollar pay per click campaigns. I am also a current student in Matt Diggity’s collaboration of other top Notch SEO Experts, and strive daily to learn new stuff and test new things.

I currently am also in about 20 Facebook SEO Groups daily, following the latest trends and algorithms updates, and  currently invested in heavily education by taking a “The Lab” by Matt Diggity and other offers.

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Bobcat SEO’s Mission:

Bobcat SEO strives to deliver results, which in all cases is increase sales. Our job is to get you leads, which will then increase your sales. If you are not making money with us representing you in the digital marketing world, we will offer you a money back guarantee.

Increase your branding, outrank your competitors, increase your own sales, that is what Bobcat SEO is all about.

We are not here to waste any business’s time, or do we waste our own.

We work non stop, and will fight for your search engine rankings everyday as a client.

Check out out referral program, if you refer us after we have done a great job, you can take 10% off your monthly bill, as long as the new referral maintains hiring our agency.

We exhibit honest+ fair SEO services at affordable pricing.  We can get you and your business whatever it needs to grow, just ask us today!