Auto Transport SEO

Auto Transport SEO

If you run an Auto Transport business, having SEO will help you out.   Bobcat Seo offers Auto Transport SEO at discounted prices to  help your business reach clients.  We can optimized your site for google, yahoo or bing while running a national adwords advertising campaign to help you receive more leads, sales and clients using our SEO tactics.  Did you know that 28% of companies use SEO in todays business world, the ones who do have more sales, better rankings and a better brand presence.

If you love cars and enjoy driving, then a good business proposal would start an auto transport service. As more people now own a car, you have a wide range of people to be your likely customer. A checklist must be first made before getting into auto transport service business. First, you must have a good amount of investment capital and it is your passion. If you have all of these, then you are ready to start this business but how? The steps below will show and help you learn to start an auto transporting business.

  1. You must first determine what type of auto transporting business you would want. There are different auto transport businesses that specialize on transporting regular vehicles on open transport, transport exotic and classic vehicles on enclosed transport, or provide service on both types. The main difference of open transport from enclosed transport is with open transport, the cars you will be delivering are exposed to natural elements such as wind, snow, sunlight, etc. The enclosed car transport service uses sealed car haulers specially designed to protect the cars being delivered. You can choose both types if you have enough money for investment.
  2. Check and investigate your area for your possible competitions. If you have discovered that you have competitors in your area, you can focus on one specialization like transporting vintage cars. Offer a service that your competitor does not prioritize.
  3. Acquire your commercial driver’s license. Your current driver’s license is limited to driving regular cars but as you will be driving trucks weighing more than 26, 001 pounds, a commercial driver’s license is required. You will be needing higher driving skills, experiences, and knowledge when driving a commercial motor vehicle. Visit the Department of Transportation in your state to acquire your CDL.
  4. Start making a business plan, writing all your start-up costs, projected earnings, target market, strategy of the business, and marketing plans.
  5. You can also raise your investment capital by getting a loan from the bank or propose your plan to private investors.
  6. Get your transportation license and motor carrier number.
  7. As you are starting an auto transport business, you are required to have insurance on each cargo you will be transporting. You will need to buy a liability insurance as well as your own cargo.
  8. For your auto transport company to be successful, you must choose its location wisely. Look for a lot or warehouse that is spacious to accommodate your trucks, cargoes, and vehicles to be transported. A good tip is to choose your location accessible near major roads for easier and faster trips.
  9. Ask for a lawyer’s help in making the contracts, and vehicle transporting agreements.
  10. If you will be choosing a regular auto transport business, you must purchase at least one open car hauler. If you are wanting to focus on transporting specialized vehicles, you must buy enclosed vehicle hauler, hydraulic liftgate, winch, and tie-down straps that are excellent in quality.
  11. Talk to auto transporting brokers to promote your business so they can hire you in the future.
  12. Advertise your business – through local media and on the Internet.
  13. Now your auto transport business is open to the public!

Among all the steps needed in opening your auto transport company, you may find number 12 as the most difficult. Yes, you can easily advertise your business but having an effective advertisement is a challenge. For marketing your business locally, you can try printing out flyers and hand them to people or have an employee dress a costume to gain the attention of the people passing by your company. You can also put a big banner in front of your business establishment, have it advertised on the radio and be printed on the local newspaper. But if you want to cover more people to know the existence of your business, marketing it online is a good choice.

You can create a website or a web page for your business but since it is just starting, not all people are aware of it. For your online advertisement to be effective and attract people to try your auto transport service, your business page must be exposed to numbers of people online. You may want to contact an SEO agency that can help increase your website’s exposure to people. But what is SEO anyway?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is marketing strategy used online by people or businesses to increase their visibility when keywords relevant to their website’s content are searched by people. So for example, when someone searched for “auto transport service”, you are assured that your website will be on the list. BUT, when you just recently created your website, it will not appear on the top page. That is why you need to seek help from SEO agencies to help you increase the visibility of your business page so that people can find you. And Bobcat SEO is the best choice for this service.

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