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Florist SEO: How to Get a Florist Website Optimized

Florist SEO works in more ways than one. Since nearly all florists have a local flower shop, this can be the advantage over other online businesses. Try ranking SEO by using “flower shop in [city, state],” “valentine’s day flowers [city, state],” “quick delivery flowers [city, state]” and other such variations.

Get into the minds of the customers. Be the one that they are searching for. Use descriptive and long-tailed search items for the flower shop’s website. Instead of using keywords like “flower shop” or “the best flower shop,” use keywords like “the closest flower shop near [city, state] that has chrysanthemums” or “the top ten best flower shops in the tri-state area.”

Florists seo

Talk about the flowers, the flower shop, the flower’s pictures, the florists, the florists’ designs, and the flower shop’s website. Become an advertiser for the flowers themselves. Talk about what the flowers represent. The meanings behind the flowers and the way the flowers are arranged should intrigue and inspire the customers so that they cannot live without them.

Do-It-Yourself Florists SEO: The Best Way to Start Optimizing for Florists

There are plenty ways for you to start any SEO project, so here are some starter points for your DIY Florist SEO project.

1. Domain name

Pick an appropriate domain name is good start for florist SEO. This is the name that people will put in the search bar to find the flower shop’s website. The name should be simple, not too long, and preferably not include any symbols like dashes or underscores.

2. Have a Unique Website for florist business

Again, uniqueness is important. Be able to keep people on your website long enough for them to consider buying. Little to no one is going to automatically buy something in the first few minutes that they are on the site.

3. Have a Mobile Site

Consider how many times an individual is on their phone, tablet, phablet, and other mobile devices. A mobile site could give a small business a chance to become great. Spruce it up with flowers or have a sleek, powerful, and simple design.

4. Get Located

Location, maps, and localizing. Get on the map by sharing the store location with Google and other search engines. Being a local and physical store instills trust in people. Get ranked on search engines specifically for local stores like Google My Business.

5. Load Faster

Create a website that will load within seconds not minutes. With a flower shop, having a lot of pictures may strain the load process. This does not mean delete pictures. Keep the pictures, but also change them. Pictures can be formatted into .jpeg or .gif for faster load speed. Certain website hosts have plugins that can help with loading pictures faster. Consider these options before dramatically changing anything.

6. Marketing

Online and offline marketing is always an essential part of upscaling any local business. Advertise the flower shop brand in any place and in any way that is possible.
Online: Social Media Groups, Events, Ads (Banners, Solo Ads, Adwords), Chamber of Commerce, Other Websites, Business Directories, etc.
Offline: Flyers, Events, Business Cards, At Other People’s Events, etc.

Maintaining a website is like tending a garden. You need to invest time and energy on it. But after giving your attention on it for some time, it will bloom like a beautiful flower that will be appreciated by many.

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SEO: The Elephant in the Room

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and one of the top reasons anyone gets to where they want to go when searching online. SEO is essential for any online business, blog, or other types of website. Mastering this technique can be the difference between no visitors and hundreds of visitors a day. The focus is to boost a website’s ranking in any search engine.

Basic SEO Facts: What Everyone Should Know

1. SEO is Guaranteed, Ranking is NOT
Ranking can be constantly changing. There are plenty of top dogs in SEO, highly ranked websites, but underdogs can always wiggle their way through the crowd if they know how to use SEO to their advantage. SEO is a tool to be used to help rank websites. SEO will still work when the rankings shift. It is just working on a different website now.

2. Keywords are KEY
Using keywords, tags, and slugs help to improve SEO ranking. These are not as hard to think of as they sound. Think of the searches that people do daily. Look at the suggestion box that pops up when something is typed in a search engine. If nothing comes to mind, there are plenty of websites that help with top SEO keyword searches.

3. Unique Content is IMPORTANT
This does not mean that keywords should not be used. Keywords are important in helping people find the website, but unique content keeps people on the website. A bunch of keywords will do nothing for if no one wants to stay on the website for longer than a minute. This could harm the website’s rating. Some search engines may think that the website has irrelevant or bad content and that is the reason everyone leaves so quickly. Be unique but relevant.

4. LOOKS are Important but Not Everything
A website should look nice and professional. Otherwise, people may think that the website is a scam or that the business is not good enough to have a decent website. On the other hand, having an amazing look does not mean that the site will get ranked higher. This is another one that is based on keeping people on the site and not necessarily bringing them to the site.

Internal links: Place links in blogs, articles, pictures, and banners. that will link to other pages within the website.
Outbound links: Place links that will take visitors to other relevant websites that can help improve credibility.
Backlinks: Ask other similar blogs and websites put links in their articles and pages that link to your website.

6. Social Media
Be a promoter. Promote the floral shop, the floral shop’s website, and promote yourself. Do not be shy about promoting yourself. Most people put their trust in other people, and not just a brand. Be yourself when promoting so that others can get a natural feel from you.