Lawyer SEO

Why is lawyer SEO necessary? The law industry is ranks among the toughest professions in the world. Toughness begins right at the moment when one wants to join a university or school of law. The cut-off points for the law are usually so high that the not every Jack and John can afford. In most cases, those who qualify to join law schools are those who scored excellent grades in their O levels exams.

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Furthermore, an extra eye is focused on the performance of languages, to include English. Ideally, a student aspiring to study law must have well to excellent language skills, both spoken and written. Imagine, you are a judge. There is a case you are supposed to handle involving attempted theft of a car.

The complainant narrates her story of how she parked her vehicle outside a mall and didn’t find it after she was done with shopping. On the other hand, the suspect has hired a lawyer from town, to defend him. The lawyer despite being smartly dressed, he is very poor in language and the judge does not understand him.

He keeps on repeating himself, and his sentences are grammatically wrong. Everyone in the courtroom is bored by him. In this case, it would be tough for the judge to give a verdict. In any case, the suspect, who is a client to the lawyer, is likely to lose the case, even though he might be innocent. His loss is much due to the failure of the lawyer he hired.

Congratulations to those who eventually make it join the school of law, and specifically to you. You went through a tough and long curriculum but you finally graduated. You were handed a license that officially recognizes you as a person who is lawfully and legally registered as a lawyer. Now it’s your high time to enjoy the profession. Unfortunately, you still have to strain to earn the fruits of being a lawyer. First, you cannot run away from the fact that you are not the only one who graduated from the school of law at that institution in that particular year, you had some classmates.
Secondly, you are not the first lot of graduates, there are others who studied law there and graduated from the same school. Thirdly, it is indisputable that there are several if not many institutions that offer studies in law in your country. Finally, consider the size and number of countries in the continent. Try to figure out how many law practitioners there are. The number is nothing less than 10 000.

So you have got an imaginary situation where you have got 10,000 lawyers each struggling to secure a place in the law industry, you included. Ask yourself the following questions: What distinguishes that lawyer from you? What will make that client come to you and not go to that other firm? What will make you thrive while your competitors close down? What makes you famous as a lawyer? The answer is your CHOICE.

The performance of your law firm is basically a manifestation of the choices you make. You can choose to spend millions of dollars on marketing your firm but fail to achieve the desired outcomes. This is because it is not all about marketing; rather it is a matter of being smart and strategic in all that you do.

Maybe the best question you should be asking yourself is: How are you going to market your law firm smartly so that you can get the maximum number of clients? The answer is that you need to hire a really good search engine optimization (SEO) agency. One of the leading good SEO agencies is BobCat SEO Company. Contact BobCat SEO for Lawyer SEO to have all your goals for the law firm met. We are providing you with the procedure on how to go about it and the results you are going to get.

Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

Before you even contact, you should have a website for the law firm. With your permission, BobCat will create valuable content that is really “share worthy” and that can help link some building campaigns. Your website should be unique and different. Appreciate BobCat SEO because it will set your website so that it contains incredibly amazing sticky content. However, you should not be upset if you do not run a website for your firm, it is simple to create one.

Having a website proof-read by BobCat is just an added advantage to you. The most important thing is that you will have an SEO configured on your website. In this digitalized world, BobCat’s lawyer SEO is the only measure that shall bring many clients to your doorstep, without sweating or draining your pockets, wallet, and accounts.

What we will do for your Attorney SEO

1. Have your website set with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search consoles for analytics. For your information, Google, Bing and Yahoo are the greatest search engines.

2. Redesigning of your site if you are switching from HTML to WordPress or wish to convert to WordPress which is better for search engine optimization. It will also be optimized for mobile and be faster, using a CDN as well.

3. Make sure your site runs fast, is optimized, with no broken links, easy for the search engines to crawl and easily read by people.

4. They will begin an immediate backlink building program designed to increase your rankings.

5. BobCat will make a press release in the first month that will help your visibility and sales. Then change to longer-term strategy depending on Niche and competition level.

6. Content analyzing your current content for any thin, penalty, or non-ranking keywords and get new fresh content to help your terms rank better, including adding a weekly blog.


1. Increased sales as a result of leads from SEO.

2. Rankings will last longer.

3. Cheaper than pay per click advertising.

4. Increased rankings as early as 90 days.

5. Outrank your competitors.

6. Make your decision to contact BobCat SEO Company and enjoy these benefits plus much more at a market-friendly fee.