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When you establish your own business, one of your goals is it to be known not only in your area but also in your country and even worldwide. Who would not want to be famous for their expertise and business as it brings happiness to you, as a business owner, that people are appreciating and There are ways on how you can make your business well-known such as providing quality products and services to your customers always, keeping your delivery dates on schedule or advertising your business. But sometimes, these strategies are not enough to increase your customers nor your sales. With almost all of us are relying on technology, you can use it also in getting your business known to many.

Promoting Your Business Online Through Google Maps

One of the best ways of promoting your business online is through Google Maps. Google Maps is an online map service offered by Google. It lets you see a 360-degree views of different locations such as business establishments and their streets. Google Maps allows the users to feel that they are really walking on the streets just by opening it on smartphones and computers. But how can you use this state-of-the-art technology for your business?

Steps on How to Add your Business in Google Maps

Why is it important to have your business listed on Google Maps?

It will be a great opportunity for your business to be listed on Google Maps. With Google is the most-used search engine, it will be a great help for your business be more exposed in the online world. Thus, when people will try to search for the name of your business, they will also be informed of your contact number and address. This will allow them to get in touch with you easily and visit your business establishment as well.

If your business has a website you can also add it as well. People can visit your website and will know more about the nature of your business. A great tip is double or even triple check the information you put in on Google Maps listing such as your (local) contact number and address and should be matched with the NAP (business name, address, and phone number) listed on your website. This will let Google and the people verify that your business is existent thus will encourage potential new customers to pay a visit to your business establishment. People can also write reviews about your products and services on Google Maps when they visit your business thus making your business more known and easier to search on search engines.

Almost all business establishments and even your competitors might have their businesses listed on Google Maps. This can be a disadvantage to your business too if your local search ranking is below theirs. So for example, you own a restaurant in Georgia, when people are searching for “restaurants in Georgia” all restaurants will pop up. Yours will appear too but if you have low search ranking the probability of people visiting other restaurants is high. Even though your prices are not expensive and you serve the best in your menu as attested by your loyal customers, getting potential new customers online is impossible if you rank low in search engines. If you rely your increase in rank from people searching for you on the web and from reviews, that will take a long time. There are numerous websites that specialize on increasing your local search engine but only one you can trust and that is Bobcat SEO.

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How Bobcat SEO Can Help You

What is the most coveted spot in the Google ranking page? It is the front page, right? How will you achieve that when you do not have any idea about what you are going to do? We at Bobcat SEO have the right knowledge and tools to give you the most important spot.

Google Maps ranking used to be based on your proximity to the user but it seems that Google has decided that this would be unfair for small businesses like yours that is just starting out. We can assist you in doing the following things to improve your Google Maps ranking:

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