Importance of Digital Marketing for One’s Business

Nowadays, we cannot deny that most of the population rely on modern technology. We pay our credit card and utility bills using mobile apps, upgrade our wardrobe without going outside our home with a click of a mouse and communicate with our loved ones anywhere and anytime through video calls and e-mails. It is also impossible not to notice the decreasing numbers of wooden billboards and neon signs along highways and business establishments and being replaced by LED billboards acting like a big TV screen where advertisements are on a loop. We can say to ourselves that we are indeed living in the modern era. But how do the known tycoons and even the small and newly-opened businesses cope up with the modernization to cater the people and keep up in the industry?

In the past, small-time businesses hang a signboard in front of their establishments for people to notice their products or services. Big businesses would have built a billboard on top of their buildings or built one on national highways to gain attention from people. Posting advertisements in local newspapers, creating a jingle to be played on radios, and having commercials on TV were also the most commonly used marketing style back then. But as technology upgrades and the use of Internet arises, more opportunities are opened to advertise and market their products and services to most of all the people with access to the Internet and digital media thus called Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a merchandising strategy to promote and sell one’s products or services with the use of digital technology not only limited to the use of Internet but also on display advertising, mobile phones and such. From creating a website for one’s products and services, popping ads on games and Youtube videos to posting photos or videos on social media are some of the examples of digital marketing through the use of the Internet. Putting up digital billboards, browsing through digital magazines on one’s gadgets are also considered digital marketing.

Purpose of Digital Marketing

Mainly the purpose of Digital Marketing is connecting the business to people in the digital world. With hundreds of millions of people connected to the Internet, it is a very good strategy to promote one’s brand and business online and be recognized.

Advantages and Restrictions

As digital marketing targets a wide number of people all at once, almost all of the people connected to the Internet can be possible customers. This can be a great exposure to one’s products and services. It is also advantageous to both business and potential customers as Internet users can check-out one’s business website 24/7; whenever and wherever they are. With digital marketing merchandisers and (potential) customers can communicate quickly as through Internet, one can get a response in an instant. No need to wait for snail mails for just an inquiry that would have taken days to get a reply. One of the disadvantages of digital marketing is its high dependency on the Internet. Not all cities and even countries have reliable Internet speed connection so having a target market on those locations are much lesser. On the brighter side, one’s business can expand and be known quickly with the use of digital marketing as one’s business can be reached out not only by the people from their city but from their country and other countries as well. One advantage of digital marketing without the use of Internet is businesses can put up LED billboards on top of their buildings, along the highway or even in the streets where a number of people can see it. A disadvantage of this is it might be too flashy and bright that people especially motorist will dislike of. Putting up advertisements and promoting on known social media, websites and mobile games is also a helpful strategy but putting up too much and frequently can bring negative impact on your promotion. Digital marketing is restricted to use for medical products and industrial goods as it cannot be marketed through digital means. Another advantage is more and more people are now shopping online and it would be a great opportunity to one who is on retail.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business

You may just be starting a business and at this time, spending money on advertising is the least thing you want to do. You don’t have to worry, all you need is creativity, your mobile phone and a reliable Internet connection to promote your business. A smart and penny-free way to promote your business is to make its own social media account such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube as well as on eBay. You must take good quality photos and videos of the products and services you are offering and upload those on your business media account/s. A great tip would be to put captions describing the products and services your business is offering. When posted, add hashtags that are related to your business so people can easily search for you. You could also ask your family and friends to like your business page, photos and share it on their pages so your business would be more visible to a larger population. In establishing a name on the business world, you must communicate well with your clients and be prompt on delivering the goods. This is to keep your customers satisfied and your business might be recommended to other people as well.

For bigger businesses, or for some people who want to invest on creating a website for their business, a well-thought content regarding their products and services is a big advantage to their business and the site itself. A potential consumer must be well-informed on the products and services being offered as he/she browses the catalog through the photos posted and description of the item. The business must be honest on the photos and description to gain the trust of the people. Through this, people will visit the site more often making it more visible to search engines — more visibility = more people seeing your (business) website = probable income.

With more and more people getting access to the Internet today, digital marketing is indeed one of the best ways to sell one’s products and services. Businesses must not forget to be honest, and customers to be loyal. Through this both, will be benefited and satisfied.