Make your Business Known Online

Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own business or a career person working for a company, you might have a high possibility of owning or keeping a website for the business. Some may be asking why it is utterly important in owning or maintaining a business website if they have enough contacts to make their business or company earn sales and profits. Here are some of the reasons:

One of the most important information that you need to provide of your business is NAP – Company Name, Address and Phone Number. Whether it is written on your website and YELP or written on a blog or a magazine by a satisfied customer is considered local citation. So now you may have created a website for your business, upload photos and videos of your products and services and have written quality description of your merchandise but the money is still not rolling the way you are expecting. You might have used all the social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram and even LinkedIn to promote your business. Your business might be mentioned in other websites (local citation) other than the ones you are handling and the chances are they accidentally put in the old business address or wrong spelling of your business name. These mistakes, even a number on your zip code or a letter on the name of your business can ruin your online presence ranking. Why and how do these small mistakes affect your business?

  1. Having a consistent information and business details build up trust. In this way, people will be confident that your business is running and legitimate.
  2. It will be difficult to locate your business if your NAP is wrong. You may have an option on your website to purchase your products online but some clients would also want to visit your physical store from time to time or want to commend you personally for the great services you are doing.
  3. If your business telephone number is enlisted wrong, additional potential new clients is uncertain. They may wanted to communicate with you locally but having your business number enlisted differently in various sites might result in not contacting you at all.
  4. In some situations, your business name is not properly written. For example, your business name is “Joe & Co.” It might have written on some sites as “Joe & Company”. This will decrease your business online visibility and ranking as it will raise confusion to people.

If you want to avoid this inconvenience, you will need an expert to correct this for you. There are numerous companies out there but Bobcat SEO is the best choice. Bobcat SEO has the best consultants and experts that will not only update it but also increase your online ranking so more people can see you. Not only that, when people are going to search a phrase that is relevant to your business and website content, your business page will be on the top list. Bobcat SEO will also help your business name appear whenever someone searched a keyword or a product by your rival business for fair competition.

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