Market your Business through Social Media

In this computer age, almost all businesses depend on digital marketing as the Internet is used by a vast number of people that are potential customers. As a person who wants to make your business online, you had probably heard someone “Use SEO! It is very effective!” It might be your first time hearing that term or if not, you don’t get its meaning and purpose.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses and entrepreneurs, old or newly established, increase the search ranking of their website. Potential clients will search for keywords related to the contents of their website thus making their business more visible in search engines like Google. An increased visibility in search engines would likely bring in more sales to the business.


You may be starting your own business and wanting to contact a web developer for you after understanding the term SEO. But do you know that creating social media accounts of your business can be a great start?

Popular social networking sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few. These websites let you connect to millions of people worldwide. With that said, you can create an account or accounts on these top sites to promote your business and increase your business page visibility.



This might be the most popular and most used social media website to date. You would want to create an account solely for your business. Use the business logo or trademark as a display picture so people will notice immediately that it is yours. You must upload photos of your products or services and take time to write descriptions. It is through descriptions or content of your site that make your business be seen easily on search engines. You could also ask your family and friends to follow that page for it to be more exposed. One of the advantages of having a Facebook account is it has Messenger. Messenger is free and can be used via Internet or mobile data connection. It lets you communicate with your possible customers faster and talk to them anytime and anywhere provided you are connected to the Internet. You can also send messages privately like additional info about your product, provide more pictures, detailed prices and how you can ship your products or schedule an appointment for your services.


Do you enjoy taking photos and videos? Then Instagram would be a great help to boost the popularity of your business. You can take photos of your products or shoot videos showing the services that your business offers. It may be difficult at first as you need to gain followers to be able them to see your posts but using hashtags relevant to your business is a must. If for example, you are selling electronic gadgets, you can use #mobilephones, #computers, #electronicgadgets and such. It would be also good to add location or “hashtag” your location like #alabama, so people would know where they can visit your physical store.


You might probably know Pinterest as just searching for your interests like photography, anime or recipes and pinning them on your page. But Pinterest is just not saving your favorite posts for future reference. It can also be a great help to your business by like Facebook and Instagram, you could create a Pinterest business account and fill your board of photos of your products and services. Remember to fill in also the “About You” and “Location” so people can easily identify what business you have. Copy and paste your business site (in this matter your business Facebook page or Instagram page) to easily connect the Pinterest users to your business page. As Pinterest is known for people who are looking for inspiration, a great tip is to post your best photos as it would catch the attention and interest of fellow Pinterest users. If for example you are selling socks, you could try taking artsy photos of people wearing your socks or a dog carrying your socks in its mouth, anything that has creativity and showing your product is an attention-magnet on Pinterest and always remember to add hashtags on your photos for people can easily search for them. If you are selling a wide variety of items like clothes, create a board for “MEN”, “WOMEN”, “KIDS”, etc so people can easily view what they needed and wanted. Since they have appreciated and enjoyed your photos on your board, they will pin it and their followers could also see those. Additional to that, some people will not only pin your photos but would also want to buy your products. If you are selling your services like carpentry or plumbing, no need to worry as you can market those too on Pinterest too. You could paste a link of videos to your services from Facebook or Youtube, create hashtags, and upload on your board. Yes, you could have potential new customers and boost your sales on Pinterest too! A little creativity will surely be good for your business.


Perhaps you have heard someone said the term “LinkedIn” or have seen it a few times on Google or Facebook but have no idea what it is. Worry not, as many people still do not know its use and importance especially for one’s business. LinkedIn is a social media website mainly for professionals who want to find potential new customers, business opportunities and meet fellow professionals. Anyone can join whether you own a small business or on top of the business ladder. In making your business profile stand out, you need to put your business name, location, products/services offered. You could also write a short history of your business, missions, and achievements to show your competitiveness and diligence in your chosen business or profession. Once your business has a LinkedIn, you can invite people to connect with you and become your potential new customers.

After making accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn, it is best to update your page from time to time. This will let the people know that your business exists and up to date. This will bring in more potential new customers and increase your visibility on search engines that with just typing in a single word on Google your page will be the first to pop up.